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The Riddle

                    by Lou Painter


When I was young, Success was certain.

My star was bright; I knew the path.

With Self-Reliance the Foundation,

what I would build would last.


Then Life made me drowsy with whispers of Temptation.

My judgment wavered, my vision blurred

And I awoke in a soundproof maze devoid of light.


Analyze. Compute. Again.

All my solutions failed.

There was no escape.


The friends I cared for vanished. I lost all possessions.

Time stopped.

I found no rest from Fatigue and no relief in Tears.

Emptiness and Loneliness were welded to my Soul;

Parasites that fed on my Confusion.


I had no answers. I searched for Freedom until

I became a Question that was numb.

I was dead with eyes that blinked.


In the stillness of the void, a Voice whispered:

Peace. Purpose. Everlasting Life.

I had heard these words before, but this time I listened.

And Love awakened me!


Jesus freed me from the maze that held me prisoner.

The Son of God banished the darkness that kept me blind.

The Word of Truth renewed my life and gave it meaning.

The Lamb of God cleansed my Soul and set me Free.


I’m older now, but my success is greater,

for my strength comes from reliance on Almighty God.

His will is the path I follow.

He is the Rock who guarantees my Joy forever.


It's summertime, nighttime,

and I'm standing in a field gazing at the stars.

When I see His constellations, this Riddle comes to mind:

Did I choose this path I'm taking?

Or was I led here by Design?

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