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Wix Alpha Resrvation  8  12  19.png

Can America be transformed into a Communist Nation? Impossible! Or is it?...

Evil is at work in Salem, Massachusetts. Recently bankrupt St. Peter's Church has become the new corporate headquarters for the nation's most powerful law firm, The Voice of the People. Their goal: Make Communism the ruling political party in the United States!


When Rose v. Christ results in Christianity being illegal in  California, attorney Lee Armstrong is asked to battle Goliath and Evil itself before the Supreme Court of the United States, a hearing that may culminate in Christians being banished permanently to the Alpha Reservation!

Wix Cover King Sacrifice  2  24  19.png

Satan has been playing chess online as SinisterMaster666.

He's been taking on the stiffest competition, twenty

games simultaneously--and he's unbeatable! Now he's

challenged God to a winner-take-all game of chess.

And the stakes? The victor rules Heaven for eternity!

This fantasy tale includes two epic chess games

between former World Champions.

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