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I was born and raised in St. Albans, West Virginia. I'm a graduate of Liberty University and an ordained minister with Christian Global Outreach Ministries. I proudly served in the U.S. Air Force, and after my term of duty, I was a Journalist in the Navy Reserve. I'm married to my WV sweetheart, Jenny, and we live in Wilmington, NC.

Since 1987, I've spent the majority of my time in Christian ministry. This includes teaching in a Christian Middle School, being the Pastor of a Baptist church in Queens, New York, helping to build churches in Mexico and Venezuela, and preaching the gospel in small, remote villages in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. I've also written two Christian novels and several Christian songs. My testimony is covered in the 'God Loves U' section of this website. 

In 2019, my wife and I started Lou's Organic Lab LLC, which handcrafts All-Natural Skincare Products. Our company website is listed below. Thanks for visiting my website.

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